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Calvary Chapel Medford Oregon is our New Name. We have been Agua Viva Christian Fellowship approximately 11 years since November 2003. For the longest time, many have thought of us as strictly a Spanish Speaking Church serving only the Spanish Community, but the truth is that we are fully bilingual and serve both the English and Spanish Community and would love to have you join us for services in either language. Our teaching format and statement of faith has always been in line with the Calvary Chapel Network of Churches. We have recently decided to make it official and are now affiliated, so that we can better reach out with the Love of Jesus under a familiar name.


 For English Service & Study, Join us Sunday at 9:00 AM and Thursday Evenings at 6:30PM for our Midweek Study.

 For Spanish Service & Study, Join us Sunday at 11:00AM and Thursday Evenings at 7:30PM for our Midweek Study.

 Please check out our website banners to see what else is happening at the church.


A Little History

Agua Viva Christian Fellowship started approximately 17 years ago as a home bible study group in the house of Luis & Penny Jauregui, along with Joe and Anita Jimenez who ministered and served together all these years. Luis and Joe served as Elders at Applegate Christian Fellowship of Ruch Oregon for approximately 3 years before starting the Church in November of 2003 . Pastor Joe Jimenez and his wife Anita are now living and serving in North Carolina.


Personal Testimony , Pastor Luis J Jauregui Jr.


I was born in Mexico City, came to the USA in 1958 at age 6, was saved at age 21 (raised Catholic, never knew the Lord). At age 24, I met my wife Penny, she was saved shortly thereafter and we married on August 13, 1977, together over 40 years now. Penny is a wonderful Christian women, great wife, mom & grandma. She loves the Lord and the Word, and is busy in women’s studies and fellowship. We have 3 children, all married, and 10 grandchildren of whom one went to heaven to be with the Lord at age 8.


A musician since age 9, I played professionally for many years – a worldly life of sin & darkness before coming to the Lord. Gave up secular music & performances in 1987 when we moved to Oregon.  I started serving on the worship team of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (CCF) in 1988. Years later, after hearing  messages from Pastor Chuck Smith and Jon Courson on End times, my life took a turn.  I started to get serious about studying the Word and did so at CCF &  under Pastor Jon Courson of Applegate Christian Fellowship (ACF) on the radio. In 1996 we made ACF our home church and I started to serve on the worship team. In 1999 I became an Elder at ACF and served leading a monthly koinonia group of mixed couples Spanish & English. The Group grew and in 2003 we were sent out by ACF to establish a church. We did and have been teaching and loving our people to date. 


 We love our Lord Jesus Christ and would love to share Him with you. Our church family is truly a church family and we serve and love one another. There are always ways to serve the Lord as the Body of Christ is made up of many members with many giftings!    (1 Corinthians 12:12) (Romans 12:3-8)


In His Service


Pastor Luis J Jauregui Jr